Micro Volunteering with NUSU Go Volunteer: Sewing bags for children with Hickman lines

This week I took part in some “Micro Volunteering” to kick off my blog. I spent a morning sewing together handmade “Wiggly Bags” for children with Hickman lines to store their extra tubes in. All of the bags will be donated to children at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle.

Version 2

ME WITH MY HANDIWORK: these little bags could make such a difference to a child in need

What is a Hickman line?

A Hickman line is a plastic tube that is inserted into the chest area and into the vein which drains into the heart.

Part of the tube remains outside of the skin so that nurses can use the line to give medications or take blood samples.

These small Wiggly Bags mean that the children are free to play and have fun while keeping their tubes safe and clean.

My Experience…

When I first heard about this Micro Volunteering opportunity, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take part because I had absolutely no sewing experience, but thankfully NUSU Go Volunteer staff were on hand to help.

When I arrived at Newcastle University Business School, there was a selection of different patterned fabrics to choose from to make the bags, ranging from footballs to unicorns. I thought this was such a great idea because it gives the children the opportunity to have a bag that is personalised to their interests.

Making the bags was really easy and enjoyable, with each bag only taking around 10 minutes to assemble. With this in mind I would definitely recommend Micro Volunteering events such as these to students because it is easy to fit into busy schedules.


WORK IN PROGRESS: each bag only takes around 10 minutes to assemble

Volunteer and 1st year business student Samantha said:

“Micro Volunteering today has been really fun and also really rewarding.

“It feels good to give back to the community by making these Wiggly Bags for children who need them to make their lives easier.

“I haven’t done much volunteering myself in the past, but I will definitely be taking part in more volunteering in the future.”

I couldn’t agree more. Knowing that these bags could make even a tiny difference to a child in need was so rewarding, and overall a really fantastic experience.

What is NUSU Go Volunteer?

NUSU Go Volunteer offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities for Newcastle University students, including Micro Volunteering events such as this one which give you the chance to participate in volunteering flexibly around your studies.

I spoke to Becky Hamer, Project Development and Engagement Worker at Go Volunteer, about the importance of volunteering and how students can get involved. Check out the interview in the video below…

How can I get involved?

As Becky mentioned in the video, you can keep up to date with volunteering opportunities at NUSU Go Volunteer by visiting their website or following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

That’s it for this week’s blog post – I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing cause!

I post on this blog every Sunday so keep a look out for next week’s post. Until then you can keep updated with what I’m up to by following me on Instagram and Twitter!

See you next week!

– Flo 🌱



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